Socks for Souls 2015

Geneva Masons help the homeless!

Geneva Masonic Lodge concluded its Socks for Souls 2015 Campaign this weekend by donating more than 400 pairs of socks to Lazarus House, the local homeless shelter. The Socks for Souls campaign was started by Worshipful Master Brian Marra to help cloth the homeless in the area. The goal of 160 pairs of socks was set to match the lodges 160 year anniversary this past November. Having more than doubled that goal was a great achievement. Heart felt thanks goes out to the Brethren of St Charles Unity Masonic Lodge #48 for a donation of 160 pairs of socks!

If you are unfamiliar with Masonry, it is dedicated to the cause of "Making Good Men Better". The better brothers, husbands, fathers, and citizens that society needs today. It teaches steadfast virtues like truth, honor, integrity, charity, perseverance, service, equality, liberty, and justice. Men of good character from all races, who can express a belief in a Deity, are welcomed through its doors.

Freemasonry is perhaps the oldest fraternity still active today, publicly organized in 1717 with the formation of the Grand Lodge of England and based upon traditions at least as old as the late 14th century.

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