Raising Brother Schultz

On March 1st 2016 Geneva Masonic Lodge raised its third Mason to the level of Master Mason for this Masonic year. Please welcome our newest Master Mason Lucas Phillip Schulz , Grandson of Brother Orville Grammer, the next time you see him in lodge.

Geneva Lodge #139 raises a new Master Mason

On Friday 1/19/2016 Geneva Lodge #139 raised it's newest Master Mason David Zielinski. With help from other district lodges like St Charles Unity #48 and Blackberry Lodge #359 just to name a few Brother Zielinski was provided more light.

"The Evolution of a Lodge" by Brother Daniel Hrinko

Geneva Masonic Lodge #139
10 S 2nd St. Geneva, IL
February 2nd 2016 at 7:30PM

Geneva Lodge #139 cordially invites you to attend an evening of information and discussion about ways of creating powerful Masonic Meetings you wouldn’t want to miss.

Fraternal Dinner 11-3-15

Geneva Masonic Lodge #139 held a fraternal dinner and talk on 11/3/2015 before the last lodge meeting. Worshipful Master Marra spoke on what it means to be a Mason. In attendance where Brothers Marra, Bamert, Vargas-Rivera, Kohlert, Grammer, Zielinski, Candidate Schulz and prospective candidate Bobby Grissom.

Dinner was salad with Italian dressing and Italian Beef from Gina's Pizza and Pasta. many spoke very well about the quality of the beef!

Next dinner December 1st 2015.