Freemasonry is perhaps the oldest fraternity still active today, publicly organized in 1717 with the formation of the Grand Lodge of England and based upon traditions at least as old as the late 14th century.

It is dedicated to the cause of "Making Good Men Better". The better brothers, husbands, fathers,  and citizens that society needs today. It teaches steadfast virtues like truth, honor, integrity, charity, perseverance, service, equality, liberty, and justice. Men of good character from all races, who can express a belief in a Deity, are welcomed through its doors.

THIS IS NOT YOUR GRANDFATHER'S LODGE.... come see what we can do for you to improve yourself today.


special events

NEDDGM Dinner: A Night of Honors. Annual Master's Dinner. $45.00 per person. Tickets available at www.tinyurl.com/mastersdinner2017.
Stated Meeting 4/18/2017
Stated Meeting 4/18/2017 starts at 7:30pm and we will be voting on the new By-Law changes.
Stated Meeting 4/4/2017 with Pre-Meeting Dinner
Stated Meeting 4/4/2017 starts at 7:30pm with a Pre-Meeting Dinner starting at 6:30pm.